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  Great Island Hike, Cape Cod National Seashore
 Moderator: Tom Delisle
10:30 am - 03:30 pm
FREE 20 15

Join us for an easy seven mile hike out on Great Island in Wellfleet, MA. On this hike we will explore two islands connected by barrier beaches and hike out to Jeremy's Point in Cape Cod Bay at the far entrance of Wellfleet Harbor. This hike is on well worn cart paths and beach trails through the most undeveloped land on Cape Cod. Much of Great Island is in the condition as it was before the arrival of man.

  Assabet Wildlife Refuge walk and Apple picking
 Moderator: Tom Delisle
10:00 am - 04:00 pm
FREE 20 17

Come join us for a fall day of hiking and apple picking. We will hike 5-6 miles in the Assabet National Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, MA. This is a great preserve to  enjoy the beginning of Fall. After the hike we will drive a short distance to Honey Pot Hills Orchards to spend an afternoon apple picking.

  Block Island Cycling (+ Hiking)
 Moderator: Gary Norman
10:00 am - 05:00 pm
FREE Unlimited Unlimited

Please join us for a day of cycling 15 miles around the beautiful rolling countryside of Block Island. 

  Fall Activity Day Camping Weekend
 Moderator: Jeff Mee
10-13-2017 - 10-15-2017
03:00 pm - 02:00 pm
FREE 8 4

Camping Weekend at Frosty Hollow Camp Site, the only official campsite within the Arcadia Wildlife Management Area. The only sounds you hear at night are the wildlife and your fellow campers snoring. There is a small lean-to and plenty space to find a spot for your tent so you won't feel crowded. There is a maximum of 8 campers allowed and a $10 per person fee to cover the cost of the campsite

  Fall Activities Day
 Moderator: Jeff Mee
10:00 am - 03:30 pm
FREE 50 48

This year the Fall Activities Day will be a little more inland and less subject to the weather, it is being held at the Arcadia Wildlife Management area in Exeter, East Greenwich and Hope Valley, RI.

At over 14,000 mostly forested acres, the Arcadia Management Area is the state’s largest recreational area, offering a great variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. eXtreme Croquet, fishing, boat/kayak/canoe, hiking and mountain biking to name a few activities. There are no bike or boat rentals in the management area, but there are rentals available a few miles away. Miles upon miles of gravel roads and well marked and maintained trails entice hikers. These same trails are often used by mountain bikers or horseback riders so all users need to act responsibly, show courtesy, and “share the road”.

  2017 Walk the Wachusett
 Moderator: David Houle
11:00 am - 04:30 pm
FREE 30 28

It's a late morning through late afternoon hike up and down Mount Wachusett in the North Central Mass town of Princeton. Moderate hike.  Again, I can send all the details.  Just email me, Dave Houle, at houlivan@gmail.com

  Chiltern Annual Meeting - HOLD THE DATE
 Moderator: R Scott Hawkins
12:01 pm - 04:00 pm
FREE 60 60

Placeholder for our annual celebration and meeting. It will be at the same place as last year Mosaic Common House, 22 Village Lane, Berlin, MA. Registration will open when we have more details so check back later

  Last Sunset Hike
 Moderator: Steven Wilkinson
03:00 pm - 04:40 pm
FREE 20 20

Last Sunset Hike

We plan to take a hike then enjoy the last sunset of 2017 as it sets over the ocean!  We expect to step off at 3:00 p.m. and make a loop through the Provincelands returning for sunset at 4:19 p.m. on the beach.  The terrain is sand dunes with a few long, slow climbs on the paved path.  Meet at the north end of the Herring Cove Beach parking lot.  (This lot has been cut off by the ocean, on occasion, so an alternate may become necessary.  If so, I'll let you know after you register.)  Upon entering the beach, pass the guard shack and take a right.  Go to the end and we’ll gather near the trail head in the corner of the lot.  


Please let me know you’ll join us by sending a note by December 27th to stvnwlknsn@hotmail.com with your telephone number, for the day of the hike, so I can let you know if cancellation becomes necessary.  (I don’t expect to access electronic mail in 2017 after the 27th.)  Happy New Year!